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Replacement Parts



  • Andres Trillos

    i nedd a new parts for my helicopter

  • Miguel A Granados

    Wow! Albert Delgado, YOU ROCK!! A very sincere "Muchas Gracias!"  I really appreciate that you Guys at My Funky Planet really do service your products...I am now a proud owner of:

    1) Eye Copter

    2) Iron Hawk

    3) Iron Eagle (double-pack)

    I look forward to your upcoming unveiling of the new line of military rc helicopters...

    God Bless and Prosper You!

    Miguel Angel Granados

    (Somewhere yonder...near Ft. Worth, Texas)

  • Miguel A Granados

    And you can bet that I will be telling all of my buddies about My Funky Planet!

  • Christian Rodriguez

    I just bought the helicopter EYECOPTER , I live in Mexico , Where I can buy or get the plugin? I need to control it with my Iphone

  • Johny

    Please submit a request and ask to be notified when they become available.

  • Ricardo Ortega
    Excuse me, somo people that speak spanish? I have a XDrone that doesnt fly

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